To create a European ecosystem that will accelerate translation and commercialization of Advanced Therapies in Europe with a significant benefit for patients:

  • Link technology and biology for the development pipeline of a new emerging class of Advanced Therapies aiming to shift the paradigm of medicine from treating to curing progressive diseases.
  • Form academic translational hubs for Advanced Therapies that closely interact with industry, regulatory authorities, health insurances, and patient organizations.
  • Move Advanced Therapies from early developments and studies driven by unmet medical need and science towards approved and marketable products that achieve adequate reimbursement.
  • Advance the basic science on ATMP/bio-MD development, in order to continuously refine product prototypes and refill the pipeline by finding better solutions for solving further scientific, technology and challenges.
  • Deliver knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, development strategies, infrastructures and educational pathways necessary for the sustainable development of European ATMP/bio-MD industry partners to top players in the world league achieving long-term health, economic, scientific and social benefits for the European community.